Monday, December 11, 2017

Style: Pink Chenille Cable Knit Sweater

Vila sweater (similar), Uniqlo shirt, Madewell pants (similar),
Aldo shoes, Chloe handbag (different color),
Oliver Peoples sunglasses (old)

For the past year, I’ve been searching for a pink chenille cable knit sweater. I had pretty much given up hope and instead was looking for ANY color chenille cable knit sweater. I saw a few at the mall, but the sweaters just weren’t cut well for my body type.

I was watching a Niomi Smart (one of my favorite YouTubers) video when she featured this sweater in a haul and immediately bought it from ASOS, a British fashion website. Though I was worried the sweater would take weeks to be delivered, it arrived in a few days. This sweater was very reasonably priced and will probably only last a season or two, but I’m loving it while it lasts.

Shown with some very old cargo pants and velvet loafers, this sweater is the definition of cozy. Although it can't be seen, I wore a pink Uniqlo shirt underneath the sweater because the holes let the cold air through. My sweater is no longer available, but I’ve added a link to a similar one that I like equally.

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