Friday, November 24, 2017

Travel: George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, Texas

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I was hesitant to post this blog because people have very strong feelings about current politics. After giving it a lot of thought, I realized visiting a presidential library is more of a historical, rather than political, event. In another post, I’ve written about visiting the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum (click here to view that post) but it was a very different experience visiting the Bush Presidential Library and Museum because I was alive and old enough to remember the events during Bush’s presidency.

This library/museum is a modern museum-by that I mean it’s filled with mixed media, including interactive and video displays. It’s also home to a very touching 9/11 memorial and a scale model of the oval office. The Decision Points interactive exhibit was my favorite. Visitors could choose an event that occurred, and hear the points and counterpoints for making each decision. I chose the invasion of Iraq, and this exercise made me realize just how much conflicting information he had and what a hard decision it was to make.

If you’re interested in history, visiting the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum is the outing for you!

this was my favorite exhibit in the library

pens the president used to sign bills

some of the Presidential Medal of Freedom winners

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