Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Travel: Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas

The giraffes are gentle giants
For more information on Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, click here

On a recent trip to Texas, I drove about an hour south of Dallas to visit the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. What a day! Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is a 1700 acre conservation facility that is home to about 1,000 animals, representing about 50 species. Visiting this center is like going on an African safari, because I saw zebras, giraffes, ostriches, all sorts of hoofed animals and even cheetahs.

Instead of driving myself through the park, I opted for the guided tour. Because I went on an ordinary weekday, I was the only guest. My tour guide and I drove the almost 10 mile loop in 2 hours, and she provided all sorts of information and entertained me with animal stories. We fed animals, some of them eating from the palm of my hand, and I was able to see animals up close in their natural habitats. What an unforgettable experience!

an Arabian oryx

I was a little nervous around the zebras

an ostrich

feeding an emu

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