Friday, October 6, 2017

Travel: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Kevin in front of Chateau Frontnac, the most photographed hotel in the world

While I’d normally have a movie post today, I’ve only seen one movie since my last review and decided to wait until Monday to blog about movies.

Earlier this summer, Kevin and I visited Quebec City in Canada. What a beautiful city-it has the look and charm of Europe, but is only a quick plane ride or day drive away. 

The food scene in Quebec City is outstanding-in addition to some amazing meals, we also took a food tour of Saint-Roch and sampled some delicious Canadian specialties (including poutine!).

Though we took a double decker bus tour around the city to familiarize ourselves, the city, especially the “old city” is walkable. Some of the sights we saw were the Museum of Civilization, Notre Dame Cathedral, Terrasse Dufferin/Chateau Frontenac and the Citadel, including the Fortification of Quebec (where the gunpowder was stored). We even had an adventure on the drive home and stopped at Montmorency Falls and went zip lining! 

If you can squeeze in a visit before it’s snowy, I highly recommend visiting Quebec City.

a selfie at Terrasse Dufferin

I couldn't resist taking a picture with the Terminator
at the Museum of Civilization
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the organ at Notre Dame

our first stop on the Saint Roche food tour
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We zip lined over this waterfall
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