Friday, September 15, 2017

Home Style: New Overhead Lights

Overhead light before

Overhead light after

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Probably because I lived most of my life in Southern California, I like a bright, naturally lighted home. I now live in New England, which doesn’t have nearly as many sunny days, so I try to make up for the lack of sunshine by heavily illuminating our home. First, I purchased and installed white LED lights. The change made our home brighter, but it was still darker than I like.

Next, I asked our handyman to lower the inset ceiling lights flush with the ceiling. This change and the light bulb swap brightened our home sufficiently. The only problem was that he was unable to lower some of the lights, so he suggested installing a new type of LED light.

These new LED lights are amazing. They provide lots of light, are flush with the ceiling and are much more aesthetically pleasing than the previous lights. I like them so much I plan on installing them throughout our home!

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