Saturday, August 5, 2017

Travel: Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California

For more information on the fair, click here
Although we don't play the games or ride the attractions, many people do

This is a bonus post since the Orange County Fair will be in town through August 13. I highly recommend attending-it’s fun for people of all ages!

Before we moved to Boston, Kevin and I went to the Orange County Fair every year. We loved visiting the farm animals, looking at the home crafts, attending the free concerts and basically eating our way through the fair. Until this year, I wasn’t in town at the right time and was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the fair again! It’s as wonderful as I remember

My son, Sean, shows you're never too old for cheese-on-a-stick

We visit the table settings every year

To the best of my knowledge, there are two booths that sell cinnamon rolls, and
fairgoers have their opinion on which one is best. This stand is the one we like!

This "yacht" is made from cardboard, a new craft category
(or at least new to me)

a handmade guitar in the woodworking section

I was so excited to find Dole Whip this year

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