Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Home Comforts: Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen before

Kitchen after-lights turned on

Kitchen after-lights turned off
Click here for more information on these light fixtures

Close-up of the light fixtures. Note that we're using Edison
light bulbs

We think of our home as a work in progress and enjoy upgrading and making it our own by undertaking improvement projects. Sometimes I think it looks pretty good, but other times I realize it can be refined. Such was the case with the canned lights over the island. While they were adequate and not ugly, I concluded the kitchen’s look could be enhanced with hanging pendant lights.

The whole process was pretty easy because we ordered the lights online, they arrived in a few weeks and Kevin installed them in half a day. The lights were purchased from Rejuvenation Hardware, an amazing home goods website that has a huge lighting selection.  Better still, I was able to completely customize the lights by selecting the pendant length, metal finish and shades.  

It just goes to show that a room can be completely transformed with one small change.

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