Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Home: My Little Steamer

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I’m probably the only person who will say this, but I like caring for clothes-I enjoy doing the laundry, folding clothes and ironing them. It makes me so happy to go to my closet and think, “I can wear anything I want because it’s all clean and pressed.” That said, I found a wonderful product to make wrinkle removal much easier-a My Little Steamer. Though I’ve owned a different steamer for a long time, I didn’t use it much because it required distilled water, took a long time to preheat and didn’t work that well. My Little Steamer is a much better product.

Now I’ll go into the long version of why I decided to purchase another steamer. There was a lot of internet buzz about the My Little Steamer travel size, so I bought it as one of Kevin’s birthday gifts since he travels a lot for work and presses his clothes once he’s arrived at the hotel. He took it on our vacation, and we both loved it. It is easy to use, quickly removed the creases and only required tap water. Because the travel size worked so well, I decided to buy a full-sized steamer with a larger tank for home use. What a great purchase-though it won’t produce crisp creases, this steamer is perfect for making clothes look more polished.

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