Friday, July 28, 2017

Home: Guest Bedroom Amenities

Because I don't want the night stand to be cluttered,
I only added reading material and a white noise machine

A nearby table is home to the tissues, flower, snack station and wife password

Most people (myself included) don’t have good things to say about aging, but the one great thing about it is gaining knowledge and experience. By being and hosting houseguests and by staying at hotels, over the years I’ve become a better hostess. In an earlier blog (click here to view it), I wrote about a toiletries kit I assembled for the guest bathroom. Now that that it’s travel season, I’d like to share a few things I’m going to add to the guest bedroom when friends visit.

Because all of our potential houseguests live in the suburbs, rather than a noisy city, I added a white noise machine to nightstand. In addition, I like to provide some reading material, whether it’s a book or some current magazines.

Probably the most important guest amenity is a notecard with the network name and password since everyone uses the internet. A recent addition to the guest room is a small snack station. I thought people might want a few nibbles, so I’m providing water, a granola bar, crackers and a few chocolates. Tissues and a cut flower add the final finishing touches!

I always hope my guests are comfortable and am open to more ideas from any of you!

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