Friday, April 21, 2017

Home: Ring Video Doorbell

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the app keeps track of when the motion
detector is triggered

the camera view on the app

My mom’s neighbor spoke so highly of this product that even though we don’t have one, I wanted to share information about it.

She absolutely loves her Ring Video Doorbell. Equipped with a motion detector, video camera and speaker, this smart doorbell allows a homeowner to see and speak with anyone at the door through a smart phone app. Even better, the homeowner doesn’t have to be at home to use the app! The Ring Video Doorbell is a useful tool for monitoring who comes to one’s home, keeping track of deliveries and making one feel safer.

Because we live in a multi-unit building with an intercom system, we don’t have a Ring Video Doorbell, but plan to install one in our next suburban home.

May thanks to Toni for sharing information and for providing pictures for this post.

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