Friday, April 28, 2017

Travel: Savor Seattle Food Tours-Pike Place Market & Hip on the Hill

Click here for more information on the Pike Place or Hip on the Hill
food tours

When I joined Kevin on a business trip to Seattle, I took two food tours, one by myself and one with Kevin. Both were great experiences, and I highly recommend taking one or both of these Savor Seattle tours.

Because Kevin was working, I took the Pike Place Market Tour on my own, and I would absolutely do it again. After Justin, the tour guide, introduced himself, he talked about the history of Pike Place Market and started us off with hot mini donuts. Then we ate two samples of freshly made Greek yogurt with different fruit toppings (my personal favorite) and headed to Beecher’s Handmade Cheese where we sampled cheese curds, their namesake cheese and macaroni and cheese. Next, we consumed award-winning clam chowder and then devoured sweet and savory piroshkys (stuffed buns). After seeing the outside of the first Starbucks, we ended the day with Seattle celebrity chef Tom Douglas’s crab cakes. This Savor Seattle Tour was a fabulous experience-the tastings were delicious, Justin was informative and entertaining, and we learned a lot about Seattle and Pike Place Market.

Kevin was able to join me for the Hip on the Hill tour, and we both absolutely loved it. It took place in the Capitol Hill area, which is an artsy, progressive part of Seattle. We started with mini artisanal cupcakes and then sampled Montreal-style bagels with unique spreads. The next restaurant was my favorite, where we ate Naam Khao Tod (Thai crispy marinated rice), and then we feasted on Korean beef tacos. The next sample consisted of hard cider and housemade sausage, and the tour finished with ginger beer floats. Our tour guides were fun-hipsters with dry senses of humor who know a lot about food and Seattle. Some of their love for Capitol Hill rubbed off on us and we definitely want to return to this area!

Watching the cheese being make at Beecher's Cheese Shop-Pike Place

I liked the samples of Ellenos Greek Yogurt so much
that I went back TWICE to purchase their yogurt-Pike Place

The famous fish-throwing market at Pike Place

The bagel & cream cheese tasting-Hip on the Hill tour

Naam Khao Tod, my favorite dish on the Hip on the Hill Tour

The sausage and cider "sample"-Hip on the Hill tour

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Movie Reviews: “Gifted,” “Going in Style” & “Fate of the Furious”

Rated Pg-13

Frank’s plans for raising his seven-year old niece, Mary, in a normal school environment are thwarted when her genius is discovered. Complicating matters, Frank’s cold mother tries to gain custody to nurture Mary’s talent.

I would describe Gifted the same way I’d describe its main star, Chris Evans-amiable and pleasant. Spoiler alert…If you’re in the mood for an uncomplicated, feel-good movie, Gifted is the one for you!

Going in Style
Rated PG-13

Retirees and lifelong buddies Willie, Al and Joe lose their pensions when their former company outshores jobs and closes the American operations. Taking matters into their own hands, they decide to rob the predatory bank that helped the take away their pension fund.

Going in Style is funny and engaging and an upbeat movie for everyone!

Fate of the Furious
Rated PG-13

The gang can’t figure out what’s going on with Dom when he turns against them. Even stranger, Hobbs and former nemesis Deckard break out of prison and become part of the crew.

As this franchise has aged, it’s gotten better, especially the last 3 movies. Action-filled, funny and brimming with amazing stunts, The Fate of the Furious is entertainment at its best!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Book Review: “A Man Called Ove”

   A Man Called Ove
   Fredrik Backman

Curmudgeon Ove is a rigid, rule-follower who values order and never seems to enjoy life. He’s upset when his carefully manicured plan is thrown into chaos with the arrival of his new neighbors. But Ove isn’t all he appears to be; he’s lived through tragedy and, deep down, is a good, upstanding man who will change his entire neighborhood.

When I first started reading A Man Called Ove, I didn’t understand why critics raved about it. The title character seemed like an unhappy, bitter man who was doing society a favor by leading a solitary life. As his story unfolded, I realized he was sad and lonely and not who he initially appeared to be. This quirky novel is engaging and uplifting.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Home: Ring Video Doorbell

For more information on this product, click here

the app keeps track of when the motion
detector is triggered

the camera view on the app

My mom’s neighbor spoke so highly of this product that even though we don’t have one, I wanted to share information about it.

She absolutely loves her Ring Video Doorbell. Equipped with a motion detector, video camera and speaker, this smart doorbell allows a homeowner to see and speak with anyone at the door through a smart phone app. Even better, the homeowner doesn’t have to be at home to use the app! The Ring Video Doorbell is a useful tool for monitoring who comes to one’s home, keeping track of deliveries and making one feel safer.

Because we live in a multi-unit building with an intercom system, we don’t have a Ring Video Doorbell, but plan to install one in our next suburban home.

May thanks to Toni for sharing information and for providing pictures for this post.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Style: Split Back Top

Rag and Bone/Jean top, Lululemon sports bra, 7 for all Mankind jeans,
Dior sunglasses (similar), choker (old), 3.1 Phillip Lim handbag,
Zadig and Voltaire booties

Because I loved the fabric, I had my eye on this top for a while but was hesitant to purchase it because of the split back. It took a while, but I finally came up with a solution. Instead of wearing a traditional or backless bra or going without one, a strappy sports bra is the perfect finish to this outfit. It’s meant to be seen and adds an edginess to ensemble.

To complete the outfit, I wore higher-rise black jeans, a choker, studded gray suede booties and carried a small cross body bag. This look embodies a sophisticated, yet cool urban vibe.