Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Style: Make it Your Own

Alternative hoodie, Club Monaco tee shirt, Madewell jeans,
Dior sunglasses (different color), Chan Luu necklace (old),
3.1 Phillip Lim handbag (old), Jenni Kayne shoes (different color)

Because I like expressing myself through style, I believe customizing one’s clothing and accessories is a great way to add flair to any ensemble. In this bespoke outfit, I altered both the hoodie and jeans and am excited to have clothing no one else possesses.

A trend I’ve noticed lately is the proliferation of iron-on appliqués on clothing and accessories. Though I’ve looked at many pieces, none of them were right for me. When I saw that the patches were available for sale, I immediately scooped some up and bought a grey hoodie so I could partake in the trend. The appliqués on the top are a homage to the Queen/David Bowie collaboration, Under Pressure and the peace sign is something I bought because I liked it. They were beyond easy to apply-I just ironed them with a hot iron.

The jeans took a bit more time to customize, but the process was fairly easy. Because I wanted them to have an uneven hem, I first measured 1 inch from the hem at the seams and marked them with pins. Then, using a seam ripper, I removed all stitching at and below the marking pins. I then drew a straight line (on the jeans' wrong side between the seams 1 inch from the hem) and cut the jeans' front panel. Though I haven’t done it yet, at some point I’ll reinforce the seams using a sewing machine so the seams don’t open more.

One might ask how this outfit ties together. The visible buttons on the jeans are a great throwback to the 1970’s and early 1980’s when peace signs, David Bowie and Queen were popular. Though this outfit is very casual, there are days when a tee shirt, jeans and hoodie are appropriate and adding nice shoes and jewelry elevates the look.

Though these patches are no longer available, visit accessories
or mix and patch to see more appliqués. Click here and here
to see examples of other patches

the hoodie before

the hoodie after

the jeans before

the jeans after

the uneven hem on me!

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