Friday, March 24, 2017

Movie Reviews: “Kong: Skull Island” & “The Sense of an Ending”

   Kong: Skull Island
   Rated PG-13

In 1971, a team of scientists, soldiers and adventurers explore Skull Island, a previously uncharted isle in the South Pacific. They soon encounter the mighty Kong, but he isn’t the island’s most dangerous creature. Will the group survive?

Unlike the original where we had to wait most of the movie before seeing Kong, this movie opens boldly and the action continues. It’s an e-ticket ride!

   The Sense of an Ending
   Rated PG-13

Curmudgeon Tony receives a mysterious legacy that causes him to revisit his past and rethink his life.

Thoughtful and reflective, The Sense of an Ending unfolds slowly, requiring the viewer to slowly piece together the story of Tony’s life, while recognizing what is factual and what are misconceptions. This complicated film points out that our life may be changed by a misunderstanding.

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