Friday, March 3, 2017

Home: Downstairs Bathroom

Our bathroom, after
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or mirror

Probably because we’re on our fourth home, we’re advocates of continuously making improvements to and/or updating one’s home. Some changes are quick and inexpensive, while others are time consuming or costly. Luckily, we haven’t undertaken a project in this home that is both that is both while we’ve lived in it.

Our downstairs half bathroom was acceptable, but I wanted to elevate its look. There were two things that were visually unappealing-the almond-colored sink was too small for the wood-top vanity and clashed with the white toilet and the mirror looked cheap (There’s nothing wrong with inexpensive, but items shouldn’t appear low end).

Upgrading these items was a reasonably-priced, relatively easy fix because Kevin did the work (Well, maybe it wasn’t easy for Kevin!). For the sink, he disconnected the drain, removed the old sink, traced the outline for the new one, enlarged the counter top hole, installed the new sink and reconnected the drain. Installing the mirror took about the same amount of work-he removed the old mirror from the wall (luckily in one piece), prepped and painted the area, inserted plastic anchors and screws and then hung the new mirror.

I love our rejuvenated bathroom’s new look and feel that it matches the rest of our home. I’m so happy we undertook this project!

Before-Notice how the sink and toilet clash and the
plain mirror?


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