Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cooking and Entertaining: Giada’s Bacon and Onion Dip

Giada's Bacon and Onion Dip

I hate to admit this, but our family loves onion dip. To make it worse, we are especially fond of the kind that comes in a package that one mixes with sour cream. So when I heard about Giada De Laurentiis adding bacon to onion dip, I thought, “What could be better?” and had to try it.

The bacon and onions enhance the other’s flavors and have a synergistic effect to produce deliciousness (I know that’s not a word, but just didn’t know how to describe how good this dip is).

Another great thing about this dip is that it’s a little lighter in calories than traditional dip because it’s made with Greek yogurt rather than sour cream. To make it even lighter, Giada suggests serving it with pita chips and carrot slices. This is the perfect party food!

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Combining all the ingredients

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