Monday, February 6, 2017

Travel: Granada, Spain

This photo doesn't do justice to the beauty of the Alhambra

Out of all the cities we visited in Spain, Granada was my favorite. Located in southern Spain, Granada was ruled by the Moors until 1492, when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella conquered the city. It is home to the Alhambra, a fortress/palace that is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited. Granada is also home to the Gypsy Caves of Sacromonte, an unforgettable cathedral  and historic Arab baths. 

Granada is filled with culture, charming and a must-see if one travels to Spain.

Kevin at the Bañeulo-historic Arab baths

Even though they're quaint, note how narrow the streets
and sidewalks are. I suggest not driving in Granada

Kevin at the Gypsy Caves or Sacromonte
The Granada Cathedral was awe-inspiring


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