Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Book Review: “How to Hygge”

   How to Hygge
   Helena Olsen

It’s not possible to translate the Danish word hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) directly into English, but it’s a feeling of coziness, simplicity, connection to others and creature comfort that pervades Danish society. It’s often experienced in the cold winter months when Danes make more of an effort to reconnect with others and find joy in the dark, cold days.

Hygge frequently involves making one’s home warm and inviting, consuming and imbibing in comforting foods and drinks, spending quality time with loved ones, spending time outdoors to get so fresh air, bringing people together and most importantly, learning to live in the moment and be content and filled with gratitude.

In How to Hygge, Olsen explains the concept of hygge and offers 33 suggestions for living a more fulfilled life. As a person who lives in an area with cold, long winter nights, I’m actively implementing some of her suggestions, and even if you live in a temperate climate, How to Hygge offers some great ideas for leading a better life.

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