Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Movie Reviews: “Hidden Figures” & "Moonlight"

   Hidden Figures
   Rated PG

Hidden Figures is based on the true story of three African American women (Kathryn Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson) who worked for NASA as “human computers” and helped launch John Glenn into orbit.

Often, I tend to think this type of movie emotionally manipulates the viewers, but perhaps because I was an engineer in the aerospace industry, I loved Hidden Figures. It was moving to see these American heroes break color and gender barriers while staying true to themselves. Though this film is for everyone, if I had a daughter, I would absolutely take her to see Hidden Figures!

   Rated R

Moonlight is a three-part story of Chiron’s childhood, adolescence and adulthood in Miami. Bullied by other children and having a drug-addicted, abusive mother, he finds guidance through Juan, a neighborhood drug dealer.

To me, a film can be entertaining, but is always thought-provoking, while a movie is can be thought-provoking, but is always entertaining. More of a film than a movie, I had a hard time relating to Chiron’s life, but appreciate how impressive Moonlight is. Well done, it merits the Golden Globe award for Best Drama Motion Picture.

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