Friday, January 13, 2017

Home: Door Snakes (Door Draft Blockers)

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Since we’re in the coldest part of the year right now, I thought I’d write a few posts about some of the things we do to stay warm this season while living in a “historic home.” While a lot of people live in older homes, we are constrained from making modifications to the anything that is visible from the outside. Basically, this means we can’t change our existing windows or doors with anything other than historically accurate replacements, which are not as energy efficient as the vinyl windows we had in our former home.

On cold and windy days, I can sometimes feel cold air coming into the house underneath the exterior doors. When I mentioned this to a friend who grew up on the east coast, she suggested buying a door snake. Being a Californian, I didn’t know what it was, but soon learned that door snakes (also know as door draft blockers, draft dodgers or door pillows) are simply long, thin and often weighted pillows that are placed and the bottom of the door. And they make a huge difference keeping the cold air outside. Sometimes old ideas are the best and most effective!

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