Monday, January 30, 2017

Home: All Season Removable Weather Stripping Sealant (Removable Caulk)

All Season Removable Weather Stripping Sealant is available at hardware
and home improvement stores

When we lived in our last Southern California home, we changed all the windows to low-E, double-paned vinyl windows, and it was one of our best home investments. Not only did the new windows reduce the outside noise, but they were much more insulating than their predecessors.

One of the downsides of living in a historic home, however, is that we’re required to use period-appropriate architectural elements, which means that we have metal and wood-framed storm windows. The problem is that these windows don’t have a tight seal like vinyl windows do, and I could feel cold air coming in through the openings. On very cold days, even with the heater continuously running, we couldn’t keep our home warm.

In order to stay comfortable, we started covering the window joints with all season removable weather stripping sealant (removable caulk). We apply the sealant with a caulk gun when the weather turns cold (usually early December) and remove it in the late spring. It’s keeps out the cold air, provides us with reasonable heating bills and is quickly removed in case of an emergency. To me, removable caulk is an absolute necessity!

Noted added July 2017-DO NOT PURCHASE THIS DAP SEAL N PEEL PRODUCT. We have had a hard time removing this caulk from the windows. According to our research, this product has been discontinued due to similar customer complaints. We've called the Dap customer service line, and they sent us a caulk removal kit, but it hasn't helped much. While I will purchase a similar product this winter, I will never purchase this particular product again.

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