Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Book Review: “Three Sisters, Three Queens”

Three Sisters, Three Queens
Philippa Gregory

Three Sisters, Three Queens is the story of King Henry VIII’s sisters, Margaret and Mary and his first wife Katherine of Aragon.  Told from Margaret’s viewpoint, a preteen when she met the older, more sophisticated Katherine, Margaret envied, yet emulated Katherine. A marriage between Katherine and Arthur Tudor, Henry’s older brother, made the women sisters, but competition and rivalry ensued. All three women lived difficult lives, and while they loved each other, they refused to support one another.

I’m a Philippa Gregory fan, have read many of her novels and am never disappointed. While I’m entertained, I’m also acquiring knowledge about English history. If you’re interested in a different perspective on King Henry VIII, learning more about the women in his life or seeing what royal life was like in the 16th century, Three Sisters, Three Queens is the book for you!

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