Friday, October 21, 2016

Travel: Ethel M Factory Tour and Chocolate Tasting in Henderson, Nevada

our chocolates for the tasting

Founded by a member of the Mars family who was bored by retirement, Ethel M is a working chocolate-making factory in Henderson, Nevada. A short drive from the Las Vegas Strip, guests can see through windows how premium chocolate candies are made.

Going one step farther, I signed up for a chocolate tasting experience. For about $10 per person, our group was seated in a private room, and we learned how cacao beans are transformed into chocolate. We were each given 4 chocolates to taste, along with a sheet to record our observations. Out of our group, I was the only one who best liked the dark chocolate lemon satin cream-everyone else preferred the milk chocolates. For the cherry on top of the sundae, we were each give a coupon to use in the adjoining retail store, which I put to good use! What a great experience!

For more information on a chocolate tasting at the Ethel M factory, click here.

what a dream job!

the cacao beans, shells and nibs

the candies with the observation sheet

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