Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Movie Reviews: "The Accountant" & "The Girl on the Train"

   The Accountant
   Rated R

Autistic math savant and small-town accountant Chris Wolff works for some of the most notorious criminal organizations. With the FBI on his trail, he takes on a legitimate client, an advanced robotics company whose books have a small accounting discrepancy. Soon, however, his life is threatened, and Chris takes matters into his own hands.

Though this story is completely implausible, seeing The Accountant is a fun movie experience. With sympathetic characters, tons of action, and just the right amount of humor, The Accountant is a hit!

   The Girl on the Train
   Rated R

Recent divorcee, Rachel, builds a fantasy life for a woman (Megan) she sees on her daily train ride. When Megan is reported missing, Rachel tries to help with the investigation. Soon, however, she becomes a suspect. Did Rachel kill Megan during one of her alcohol-induced blackouts?

Though a few details were changed, the film stays true to the novel (click here to read my review of the book), and the cast and scenery looked just as I imagined. Emily Blunt did an excellent job making her unlikeable character sympathetic to the audience. The story is riveting, and seeing The Girl on the Train is a great way to spend a few hours!

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