Friday, September 30, 2016

Book Review: "Eligible"

   Curtis Littenfeld

Littenfeld's modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice is a gem! Approaching 40, Elizabeth (Liz) and Jane live in New York City, and Jane is considering becoming a single mother while Liz is dating a married man. After their father has a health crisis, they return to their hometown of Cincinnati where they meet reality star/doctor Chip Bingley and his best friend, Mark Darcy. Everyone who has read the original know how the rest of the story goes...

Though the characters' interests and behaviors are different, Littenfeld kept their natures and temperaments consistent with the original story. Also, he addresses some current societal issues with intelligence and compassion. If you're a Pride and Prejudice fan who is looking for some light reading, I think you'll enjoy this version.

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