Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Book Review: “The Rainbow Comes and Goes”

   The Rainbow Comes and Goes
   Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt

Around the time Gloria Vanderbilt turned 91, her son, journalist Anderson Cooper, realized he didn’t know her as well as he would have liked.  They started communicating by e-mail, and The Rainbow Comes and Goes is a compilation of their year-long correspondence.

Prior to reading this book, I knew Gloria Vanderbilt was Anderson Cooper’s mother, an heiress, and had a line of jeans during my teen years.  I had no idea she suffered great losses, but also lived a fascinating life.

While it was interesting to see their relationship dynamics, Vanderbilt’s nonagenarian’s life perspective is what fascinated me most.  She reflects on mistakes, forgives herself and others for them and now understands what’s truly important.  The Rainbow Comes and Goes is an enthralling, yet easy read.

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