Friday, May 20, 2016

Home: Knife Sharpening

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I followed the directions included and was finished in a few minutes

Anyone who loves to cook knows the value of a sharp knife-it makes the whole process much easier and more efficient.  Because I mainly use ceramic knives, I used to send them to the manufacturer (Kyocera) to be sharpened for a small fee, and the knives were returned in 2-4 weeks like new. 

Kyocera recently began selling knife sharpeners that can be used with both steel and carbon knives, so I immediately bought one.  What a great purchase!  Taking a few minutes to sharpen my knives is much more efficient than sending them to Kyocera and waiting for them to be returned.  Also, I can always have sharp knives, rather than waiting a bit too long because of the previous effort involved. 

Even if you don’t buy a knife sharpener, I highly encourage you to get your knives sharpened at a cooking, knife or hardware store.  The results will be worth the effort!

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