Monday, April 18, 2016

Home: Daffodil Arrangement

I love this arrangement!

The practical engineer in me used to have a hard time buying flowers and candles.  After all, they’re transitory and die or get used up.  I’ve realized that both add so much joy to my life that they’re worth purchasing.  I do try to be somewhat reasonable about these purchases, though, and buying seasonal flowers is one way to reduce their cost.

Since it’s that time of year when daffodils are ubiquitous, I like to have them in our home, especially because they’re such happy flowers.  Over the years, I’ve learned a way to make them pop! 

I buy three bunches of 10 daffodils-these flowers look better when closely
grouped together.
  Since they are closed when purchased, I put them i
 water overnight to open.

Next, I remove the papery brown shell 

It looks so much better without the shell

Then I start arranging them in my hand, rotating the bunch while I add
more flowers, always trying to ensure the bunch is even.

Add flower preserver to the water

Tie them with a rubber band and trim the excess stems and then place
in a pretty vase

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