Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Travel: Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida

A Mickey Mouse Rice Krispies Treat cake at the candy shop

A few weeks ago I tagged along with Kevin on a business trip to a Disney resort in Orlando, Florida.  While he was working, I took advantage of the shuttle amenity and went to Disney Springs, a dining, shopping and entertainment center.  Similar to Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California, Disney Springs is much larger and is home to a Cineplex, bowling alley, free outdoor entertainment, lots of restaurants and many stores. 

In addition having expected shops like a candy store and Christmas shop, the center also has some unique stores.  For example, there’s a store where one can create a custom phone case, a left hand only kiosk and the largest Disney merchandise store I’ve seen.  Like many department stores in the 1950’s and 1960’s, this store had a hair salon where children could get their hair styled like a Disney princess, complete with a mini tiara.

If you’re in Orlando and have a few extra hours, Disney Springs is the place to be!

For more information on Disney Springs, click here

a glass blower

the children's hair salon

hanging out in the Lego store

part of my dinner at Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant. It was amazing!

a store completely dedicated to Star Wars merchandise

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