Friday, March 4, 2016

Movie Reviews: “Carol” & “Eddie the Eagle”

   Rated R

In 1950s New York, young department store clerk Therese and middle-aged socialite Carol find themselves in a forbidden love affair.  Will they live within society’s confines or break the norms and find happiness together?

Carol is best described as a “beautiful” film-it has stunning scenery, arresting actresses, exquisite cinematography and an engaging script.  Though it was heartbreaking to see how women were treated during that time and to witness society ostracizing those who didn’t conform, Carol is well worth seeing!

   Eddie the Eagle
   Rated PG-13

Based on true events, Eddie the Eagle dramatizes Michael “Eddie” Edwards quest to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an Olympic athlete.  Will he overcome his lack of natural talent, obstacles set up by the British Olympic Committee, and newness to Ski Jumping to become an Olympic competitor?

Eddie the Eagle is this year’s first “feel good” movie.  With its likable characters and engaging story, this movie shows that being in the game can be more fulfilling than winning!

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