Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Book Review: “When Breath Becomes Air”

   When Breath Becomes Air
   Paul Kalanithi

All his adult life, Paul Kalanithi wondered what made one’s life virtuous and meaningful.  He found his answer when he was in his last year of a neurosurgery residency and was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer.  A brilliant writer as well as talented doctor, his memoir chronicles his preparation and training to become a physician, his grueling residency and transition from doctor to patient.

When Breath Becomes Air Is a mix of dualities.  To witness Kalanithi’s dedication to both his profession and loved ones be cut short is heartbreaking, but to experience his acceptance of his untimely death and subsequent personal growth is uplifting and inspiring.  One of my personal top ten books, When Breath Becomes Air is a must-read!

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