Friday, February 12, 2016

Home: Clean My Space Website/YouTube Channel

Even though I don’t love cleaning and view it as something that HAS to be done, this year I started deep cleaning one item every weekday.  Some of the tasks I’ve undertaken are:

Cleaning the freezer
Dusting the ceiling fans
Vacuuming the sofa cushions and underneath them
Taking apart and disinfecting the Soda Stream water carbonator
Disinfecting the blender

My thought process is that each job take around 10-30 minutes, and if I do one job each week day, then I won’t have to spend days deep cleaning our home because everything will already be spotless!

When I don’t know the best way to clean a particular item (like a laptop computer), I consult the website (or the same YouTube Channel at  This website/channel is run by Melissa Maker and contains a plethora of short videos with cleaning tips and techniques using common household products.  Melissa is knowledgeable, extremely enthusiastic, and somehow makes cleaning seem fun. is one of my favorite websites, and I visit it weekly for new tips and ideas.

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