Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Home: Birch Fireplace Logs

Master Bedroom Fireplace-Before buying a screen

Master Bedroom Fireplace-After including a screen

Master Bedroom Fireplace-with screen and birch logs

Close up of the master bedroom fireplace

When I wanted some ideas on how to make our home look a little more polished, I asked our friend Thom, a local real estate agent who has impeccable taste, for some advice.  He suggested neatly stacking white birch logs in the fireplaces.  I’ve put firewood in fireplaces, had a gas log fireplace set and seen multiple candles filling fireplaces, but it never occurred to me to that beautiful logs in the fireplace could be a design element.  As always, Thom’s idea was splendid, and the birch logs stand out in the best possible way!

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