Monday, December 28, 2015

Book Review: “Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes Us Fat”

   Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes Us Fat
   David Gillespie

In June 2014, I went on a 10 day No Sugar Challenge and wrote about it in this post.  Though I haven’t gone back to consuming the amount of sugar I did before the challenge, I still like foods made with white flour and sugar and eat more that I probably should for optimal health. 

However, reading Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes Us Fat, changed my view of sugar and made it less appealing.  Before reading this book, I knew that consuming too much sugar caused diabetes.  What I learned, though, is that sugar (particularly fructose) also causes increased trigylcerides, elevated LDL cholesterol levels and weight gain.  I also learned why we can continue eating sugar without felling full and why we like the sweet stuff so much.

If you’re looking to make a healthy change in 2016, reading Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes Us Fat might be the place to start.

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