Friday, November 27, 2015

Travel: Blue Man Group

Since photography isn't allowed during the performance,
I don't have any show pictures

There are certain activities Kevin and I have avoided since moving to Boston because they were things we did years ago.  Seeing Blue Man Group is one of those activities, but when my mom came to Boston for a visit, we took her to the production.  What a great decision!  Though some of the elements were the same, the show has been updated and was as fun to see this time as it was originally.

A combination of comedy, music and technology with audience participation, Blue Man Group is unlike any other theatrical performance I’ve experienced.  Even though the performers don’t speak, the show stimulates three of our senses-hearing, sight and touch.  If you’re looking for a unique stage production, Blue Man group is the show for you!

For more information on Blue Man Group, click here

Outside the theater

Our group selfie while in our seats

Some audience members were given ponchos to protect them from
splashing water

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