Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Home: Insulating the Outlets

One of the things about living in an old home (around 150 years) is that they’re quirky.  I can feel cold air coming in through one of our outlets that’s on an outside wall.  Though our contractor and an energy efficiency team have looked into it, they haven’t found an obvious cause and say the wall is insulated.

These fire retardant foam outlet or switch sealers are the solution to my problem.  I simply removed the switch plate, placed the foam sealer around the outlet and reinstalled the switch plate.  For added measures, I also installed child-proof plugs.  Though it’s not winter yet, I can already tell the foam sealers have made a difference. 

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I removed the switch plate

I placed the sealer around the plug

I reinstalled the switch plate and installed child-proof plugs

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