Monday, November 23, 2015

Book Review: “Tasting Wine and Cheese”

   Tasting Wine and Cheese
   Adam Centamore

In previous posts, I wrote about taking and loving a wine and cheese pairing class (click here to view) and a wine, cheese and charcuterie class (click here to view) with gourmand Adam Centamore.  Adam has now written a wine and cheese pairing book to share his knowledge with people worldwide instead of just in the Greater Boston Area.

Tasting Wine and Cheese is the perfect guide for learning more about wine, cheese and how to pair them.  Adam educates the readers how what taste is and how to pinpoint your own personal taste, how to best serve wines and cheeses, why different varieties have unique flavors, and some basics on combining wines, cheeses and condiments (complementary versus contrasting). To me the highlight of this book is when Adam goes into detail about each type of wine-where they originate from, what their flavor profiles are like and specifically which cheeses and condiments to serve with them.

I think there’s a perception that serious wine and cheese people are pretentious, yet this book is accessible, down-to-earth and humorous.  In short, I love Tasting Wine and Cheese!

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