Friday, October 9, 2015

Travel: Plimoth Plantation

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In her lifetime, my mom has visited New England twice, but her most recent visit was at least 15 years ago.  So when she came to Boston a few weeks ago, we tried to find activities that represented the best of New England, but that she hadn’t experienced on previous trips.  Because she had been to Sturbridge Village, we decided to take her to Plimoth Plantation.

Plimoth Plantation is a living history museum that recreates 17th century life.  It’s divided into three sections: the Wampanoag Homesite, a Native American family’s home; the Craft Center, a modern setting where artisans create some of the items the settlers used; and the English village, a depiction of the settlers’ lives approximately 7 years after the Mayflower landed in the New World.  In the villages, actors wear period costumes, speak like the original settlers and perform the settlers’ everyday tasks.

Even though I’m not into history, we enjoyed our visit to Plimoth Plantation immensely!  It’s a fun, yet educational way to spend a few hours.

A Native American home

A Native American woman at the Wampanoag Homesite

Pottery making at the Craft Center

Making candles

An actor making pea soup

Two women drying the maize

The interior of a settler home

Drying herbs and vegetables in a settler's home

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