Monday, October 19, 2015

Home: Door Knobs


Before-close up


After-close up

I generally try to find inexpensive ways to make our home a little nicer, but believe it’s sometimes necessary to bite the bullet and invest in our home.  Such was the case with the hardware on the doors to the balconies.  They were badly tarnished, and though I could have polished them, they were made of brass, which didn’t match the rest of our home’s hardware.

Embarrassingly, I bought this hardware more than a year ago and finally got around to installing it a few weeks ago.  While I could have asked Kevin to do it, I wanted the experience of doing it myself.

To figure out how to remove the old hardware, I watched YouTube videos-they were amazingly informative and helpful.  And I simply followed the instructions to install the new hardware.  Though a bit of drilling and some elbow grease were required, I’m proud of my accomplishment and very happy with the way the doors look!  Why didn’t I take on this task a long time ago?

For more information about the door knob and dead bolt, click here and here, respectively.

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