Friday, August 14, 2015

Home: Laundry Area



After we replaced our washer and dryer (out of necessity) about a year ago, I thought the rest of the laundry area didn’t do justice to the new appliances.  To me, everything looked messy and out-of-place.  A few hours and quick trips to a couple of stores solved my problem.  Now the area looks neat and tidy!

Here's what I did:

  • The laundry supplies that are on top of the washer were placed in glass bottles or jars
  • The mesh laundry bags remained on the side of the appliances on hooks
  • The closet light pull string was replaced with a metal pull chain
  • Extraneous items were removed from the sides of the appliances and placed in other spots in the house
  • The Elfa door and wall rack system was installed on the wall to hold small, odd shaped laundry products

Close up of the top of the dryer

Click here for more information on the milk bottles
Click here for more information on the powdered detergent glass jar

Close up of the Elfa System

Click here for more information about this storage system

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