Friday, August 7, 2015

Cooking and Entertaining: Laura Calder’s Basque Eggs My Way

Laura Calder's Basque Eggs My Way

Since our visit to France a few years ago, I’ve become interested in French cuisine and watch Laura Calder’s Cooking Channel show, French Food at Home.  Though she’s Canadian, she studied in France and has a way of simplifying complicated dishes.  Every one of her recipes I’ve made has been outstanding!

Though I’ve never seen Basque Eggs on a bistro menu, this dish looked like a nice weeknight meal-it’s full of healthy ingredients, easy to prepare, and takes very little time.  Best of all, this dish is delicious!

Unlike the original recipe, I used only 1 chili pepper because when I've
made this dish with 2 chilies, it's too spicy

I rarely follow the "mise en place" method of having everything chopped
and ready to go before starting the cooking process. This dish 
cooks quicklyso I wanted to be prepared

Sautéing the veggies

Almost ready to be plated

Click here to see Laura Calder's recipe

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