Friday, July 3, 2015

Travel: The Beachcomber at Crystal Cove State Park

The front patio at the Beachcomber

When we lived in California, if someone from out-of-town wanted the quintessential beach experience, we suggested going to Crystal Cove State Park.  Located in Newport Beach, Crystal Cove is a small beach home to the Beachcomber restaurant and rentable bungalows.  Though I’ve heard it’s quite difficult to rent the cottages, anyone can dine at the Beachcomber, which is located directly on the sand.  With their delicious food, tasty drinks and beautiful views, the Beachcomber is a slice of paradise.

For more information on the cottage available to rent, click here

To visit the Beachcomber’s website, click here

the back patio at the Beachcomber

the menu board

the view from the front patio

Parking is across Pacific Coast Highway-murals in the walkway to the parking lot

for those who don't want to walk to the beach, a
shuttle is available

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