Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Style: Dressing for the Dog Days of Summer

Club Monaco dress (sale), Tom Ford sunglasses (different color),
Chloe handbag, Crown Vintage sandals

When we lived in California, I thought the hottest time of year was the period surrounding Labor Day and was completely unprepared for the heat and humidity of New England summers.  Now I understand what is meant by the term, “the dog days of summer,” which is defined as the period from July 3 through August 11 where the Northern Hemisphere typically experiences the hottest temperatures of the year. 

I learned a few tricks to stay cool: 1. Check a weather app to figure out the optimum time to run errands 2. Put my hair up when I feel too warm and 3. Wearing light, airy dresses helps a lot, too.  This one, a birthday gift from my mom, is both stylish and prevents me from overheating.  Paired with low-heeled sandals, the effect is casual, yet stylish.

These sandals were one of my May 2015 buys.  I saw a young woman
wearing them, complimented her on her shoe choice and asked where
she purchased them.  They were from DSW, and very reasonably priced!
It goes to show that great style can be found at all price points!

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