Friday, July 17, 2015

Movie Reviews: "Terminator Genisys" & "Inside Out"

   Terminator Genisys
   Rated PG-13

In 2029, human resistance leader John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to 1987 with a mission to save his mother, Sarah Connor (Does this sound like the first Terminator movie?)  Expecting to find a sweet, but weak Sarah, Reese is in for a big surprise!  I’m stopping here because writing any more would give away the plot…

Terminator Genisys is an e-ticket ride!  It has subtle references and nods to earlier films for diehard fans, yet is understandable and accessible to series newcomers.  With lots of action, an unpredictable storyline and just the right dose of humor, Terminator Genisys is my pick for summer action films!

   Inside Out
   Rated PG

From the time of her birth Riley’s emotions (Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness) are harmoniously living in Headquarters, the control center of Riley’s brain, with Joy as the leader.  When a job change requires Riley’s family to move to San Francisco, the difficulty of adjusting to a new environment leads to major upheavals at Headquarters.

Like most Pixar films, Inside Out is funny and sweet, yet realistically examines complex emotional issues.  The combination of upbeat Joy and world-weary Sadness is absolutely hilarious.  Though Inside Out is an animated children’s movie, it isn’t just for kids!

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