Saturday, June 6, 2015

Movie Reviews: "Woman in Gold" and "The Age of Adaline"

Yesterday and the day before, I went to the movies; there are quite a few I haven’t seen since I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately.  Because they are at the tail ends of their runs, I saw Woman in Gold and The Age of Adaline and am including this extra Saturday post.

   Woman in Gold
   Rated PG-13

Maria Altman, an outspoken octagenarian who fled Vienna to escape the Nazis, hires attorney Randol Schoenberg to help her obtain 5 Gustav Klimt paintings she believes belong to her family.  Detailing not only her battle to retrieve her artwork, but also her extraordinary life, Woman in Gold is the movie to see!

Based on a true story, Woman in Gold demonstrates two things: History can be interesting and just why history is important.  Though we know about World War II and its devastating effects on those sent to concentration camps, seeing what happened to “fortunate” people was moving-though their lives weren’t in imminent danger, they, too, suffered life-altering changes.  Helen Mirren is perfect as imperious Maria as is Ryan Reynolds as insecure Randol.  If you want to feel good about humanity, take the time to see Woman in Gold.

   The Age of Adaline
   Rated PG-13

Due a freak accident, Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) forever remains 29.  Not wanting her secret to be discovered, she leads a solitary life, eschewing love and companionship.  When she meets handsome philanthropist Ellis, she’s tempted to risk discovery.  Will Adaline keep the status quo or will she choose to truly live life?

While the story is a bit predictable, I liked The Age of Adaline-to me, it was interesting to see her old-fashioned mannerisms and modest style, all while she was able to adapt to current ideas and technology.  I also loved Adaline’s wardrobe, which can best be described as modern with a 40’s retro twist.  If you’re looking to be entertained for a few hours, The Age of Adaline in the movie for you!

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