Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Book Review: “The Girl on the Train

   The Girl on the Train
   Paula Hawkins

When Rachel takes the morning train into London and the evening train home, she often sees an attractive couple on their patio, reading, drinking coffee, chatting or contemplating life.  She identifies with them and imagines what their “perfect” life is like, but her life is thrown into a tailspin when the wife is reported missing.  Will Rachel give up her obsession with this couple before her own life in endangered?

Last night I stayed up until three am to finish The Girl on the Train-that’s how good it is!  I knew I wanted to read it when I overheard two Barnes and Noble employees talking about how it is hard to put down.  I agree!  Though I didn’t love any of the characters, I loved the story, its unpredictability and how it slowly unfolded, gently parceling out clues to the reader.  There’s a reason The Girl on the Train is on the bestseller list!

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