Monday, April 13, 2015

Travel: Boston Celtics Basketball Game

the initial jump ball

For me, the past year and a half has been about keeping an open mind and saying “Yes” to new experiences.  Some of these activities have worked out well (snowmobiling, snow tubing and eating oysters) and others like driving in the snow, well, not so much.

So, even though I’m not into basketball, when given the opportunity to attend a Boston Celtics basketball game, I said, “Yes.”  What a great decision!

It was fun to watch a live basketball game-I noticed the players are much taller than I realized and that they seem to move much faster in person than on television.  Also, the game’s pace and fans’ enthusiasm makes it hard not to get into the spirit of the game!

a free throw shot

me before the start of the game

Since we went the night before St. Patrick's Day, Irish step dancers
provided our halftime entertainment

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