Friday, April 17, 2015

Style: March 2015 Buys

Last month, I wrote about going on a clothing and accessory budget because I wanted to thoughtfully purchase items that would get a lot of use (Click here to visit that post).  I was under-budget until Bloomingdale’s held their Friends and Family Sale, and let’s just say that I ended up over budget...

I'll do better in April!

Last year, I considered buying a flap top dress, decided not to,
and regretted that decision.
  I searched and finally found 
this dress
 at Banana Republic.
  The day I bought it, there was an additional
percentage off the sale price.  Click here to see the dress at Banana
Republic's website.
Another Banana Republic find, I thought this blush silk blouse
was a nice addition to my wardrobe.
  Like the black dress, it too
was additionally discounted from the sale price.  Click here to
visit the BR website
This Haute Hippie silk blouse was a well-thought-out purchase.  I
saw it, photographed it, left the store, decided it was something
I wanted to add to my wardrobe, and went back and purchased it
a few weeks later.
  The color and split sleeves are what attracted me to
this blouse. Click here to visit the website.

The Splendid jungle boucle top is a fun sweater for relaxed, casual
  Apparently a lot of other people thought so because it’s sold
  It’s available on the Splendid website in another color, though-
Click here to see it
This Dylan Gray pink leather motorcycle jacket is my gem!  I’ve only had
it for a few weeks and have worn it at least six times.
  I love the
juxtaposition of an edgy look in a very feminine color.
  This piece was
the straw that broke my budget’s back, but it was worth it!  Click here
to visit the website.

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