Friday, April 17, 2015

Style: Getting My Style Back

Our Boston record setting winter threw me for a style loop.  Generally, I try to look my best, but the cold winter days and seemingly permanent snow berms made it difficult to wear anything but yoga clothes.  I dressed up for special occasions, but my day-to-day outfits were pretty casual.  Today, I feel like my sense of style was reinvigorated!

My good friend, couture dress designer, Firas Yousif (of Firas Yousif Originals-click here to visit his website), invited me to a panel discussion held by the Fashion Group International of Boston.  Though all of the panelists had insightful things to say, one of the panelists gave me an "aha" moment.  When Jean Wang of (click here to visit her website) said that you represent your blog, I realized that it was time to step up my style game on a daily basis. 

Since there’s no time like the present to start, I changed into this outfit.  The silk blouse and bouclĂ© jacket are dressy, but since I like to juxtapose opposite elements, I paired them with ripped jeans.  I added an old mixed material necklace and the casual sandals I wrote about in this post.

You may notice there are two style posts today; I originally planned to post the March 2015 Buys, but was so excited about getting my groove back that I wanted to post today’s outfit.  It’s also why my outfit photos are selfies-my photographer (a.k.a. my husband) was unavailable to take the pictures!

a close up of the handbag...  I put all of my things into small black bags before
placing them into the handbag, so nothing can fall out through the holes
and for a cleaner look.

a closer look at the outfit


  1. Hi Ramsey! It was a pleasure meeting you and I'm so glad to hear that a few of my comments were helpful! You look fantastic.

    1. Thank you Jean! Sorry for such a late reply. It was a pleasure to meet you, too. I love your blog ( like how it offers wonderful options for us vertically challenged gals and emphasizes the importance of tailoring