Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Book Review: “Before I Go”

   Before I Go
   Colleen Oakley

When 27 year-old Daisy’s breast cancer returns, she’s afraid of dying, not because she fears death, but because she’s worried about what will become of her absent-minded husband, Jack.  So uber-organized Daisy devises a plan to find Jack’s next wife, but what happens when he appears to be too fond of Daisy’s replacement?

Perhaps because I’m a little too organized and too into planning, I thought the premise of Before I Go was interesting-I can see the logic in finding a replacement wife.  Despite the subject matter, I found Before I Go funny and touching.  It’s a sweet novel that shows everyone deals with death in his or her own way, and even though the reader pretty much knows how the story will end, Before I Go was strangely uplifting.

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