Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Travel: Snow Tubing

the snow tube run

As I may have mentioned before, since we moved to Boston, we’ve been seeking out new activities and experiences.  Last weekend, we went snow tubing at a local ski resort, Nashoba Valley, which has an area dedicated solely to tubing (click here to visit their website).  What a blast!

Nashoba Valley provides the tubes, and there are 17 runs and a lift that tows riders up the hill.  Once you’re at the apex, you choose a run, get into the tube and push off.  Admittedly, I was a little nervous on the first run, but riding down the hill was exhilarating!  After that, Kevin and I “tandem tubed” (held on to each others’ tubes while going downhill) and even spun ourselves at the beginning of some runs.  Though we were pretty much the only adults who didn’t accompany children or teens, we had so much fun that we’ll definitely be back!

ready to snow tube!
getting towed up the hill

the view from the bottom of the hill

Kevin riding down the hill

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